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  • When exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time, it is expected that your straw hat will fade naturally. Our straw hats are made from 100% natural & authentic Panama straw, & the slight variations in weave and color are what we believe makes every hat special.
  • To remove any dust, sand, or dirt from the weave, use a soft bristled brush or a very lightly dampened cotton cloth.
  • If your straw brim or crown become bent or dented, lightly steam the area to soften the straw. Use your hands to mold the hat back to its original shape. Let air dry; do not use a blowdryer.
  • We suggest lightly steaming your hat a few times a year to prevent the straw from drying out & cracking. 
  • Always handle your hat by the brim, not the crown.
  • It is inevitable that your wool hat will attract dust & lint. Use a soft bristled brush to gently brush away the lint. Use small motions, with a light hand. If necessary, brush against the nap of the wool, but always finish brushing in the direction of the natural grain.
  • If your wool hat's crown becomes dented or misshaped, lightly steam the inside of the crown, & reshape using your hands. Let air dry; do not use a blowdryer.
  • If your brim becomes bent, you can lay a clean cotton towel on top of the brim, and very lightly iron the brim flat for just a few seconds. It is extremely important that you not apply too much pressure; light use of steam is key. Note that it only takes a few seconds of moist heat to reactivate the stiffener. Too much time under heat can over stiffen the hat's brim & possibly discolor the wool. Err on the side of less time under the iron. Air dry on a flat surface.
  • Avoid getting your wool hat wet, it can leave water marks!
  • To remove stains or dirt, we suggest using wool or felt spot treatment. Dry cleaning may be in option in some cases.
  • Ideal conditions for hat storage are dry, cool, clean, dark places. And because all of our hats are flat brimmed, it is fine to store them laying flat. Having your hat covered with a cloth dust bag or stored in a hat box will prevent build up of dust & lint.
  • We recommend storing hats in their own hat box. All Americo hats are shipped in boxes that are designed to be kept for proper storage. The insert inside the box has a cutout intended to keep the hat safe in travel, but it also gives you the option to store your hat flipped upside down, keeping the crown suspended. 
  • If you choose to store your hat on display, make sure the hat stand or hat hook is rounded or padded. Do not display it in an area exposed to direct sunlight. 




  • Traveling with a structured hat can be tricky, especially air travel. The absolute safest way to travel with a hat is to have a hard-case traveling hat box.

  • However, most people don’t want to waste their carry on privileges solely on hats, nor do they want to incure extra costs by checking their hat boxes. Our advice is that, whenever possible, it is best to keep your hat with you. Wearing or carrying a brimmed hat on a plane isn’t ideal, but it’s the best way to avoid damaging it.

  •  If you choose to pack your hat in your suitcase, we recommend packing clothing around your hat: 

First, in order to support the crown, stuff your hat with small clothing items like socks & scarves. 

Next, while packing your clothing, create a space, or nesting  place to rest the crown in.

Place the crown, facing down, in the open space. The clothing packed around your hat should not only cradle the crown, but also support the flat brim.

Lastly, Cover your hat with a final layer of clothing to secure the brim. 

Upon arriving to your destination, promptly unpack your hat. It may need to be lightly steamed & reshaped, so we suggest packing a travel steamer just in case! 

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