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Americo Hat Company was started in 2021 by Deidre Moreschi. With intention of creating a family-lead business, Deidre chose to name her brand after her great-grandfather, Americo (Ah-meh-REE-co).

Her grandfather, Americo Moreschi, immigrated from Abruzzo, Italy at the turn of the century. Deidre feels a great sense of appreciation for her grandfather's sacrifices for future generations of his family. Additionally, her Italian heritage has shaped Deidre’s sense of style and, consequently, has inspired her brand.


In 2019, after seasons of searching for the perfect flat-brimmed hat, Dominick, Deidre’s husband, struggled to find one of the right quality for the right price. Simultaneously, Deidre had a hard time finding hats that weren’t avant-garde. The couple realized that they both wanted the same thing… a classic style hat that’s easy to wear, reasonably priced, high-quality, and made to last. So it was decided, Americo Hat Co. would be a unisex hat brand. 

“We're not set on a subculture; our hats are not themed. They're classic and timeless. Hats, historically, were an accessory for everyone and for some reason that has been lost.”

A design process with quality as top priority lead Deidre to American manufacturing. She ended up partnering with the oldest hat factory in the country which was a perfect fit for the brand's ethos; the use of antique hat blocks, manufacturing in small batches, using only the most authentic and natural materials with over 150 years of experience in millinery.

“I knew if my grandfather’s name was on the label, it needed to be a product that was fit to honor him. Something I could be proud of.”

When it came to the design process, every detail was designed with intention; from the placement of interior logos on the sweatband to crown style and color. Every piece of the design embodies quality, durability, comfortability, and wearability.

"My inspiration comes from how a hat makes you feel more than specific styles or shapes. You go to the manufacturer and they have thousands of hat blocks to choose from, and hundreds of colors and materials… how do you narrow that down to a handful of styles? I thought about how they would be worn and what purpose each style would serve. Environment and circumstance were major factors in the design process.” 

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